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Granite Worktops

We can supply a range of work surfaces to suit your individual needs and style.

Natural granite is our preferred choice for any bespoke kitchen. Granite is a very hard and durable surface that can withstand heat and water extremely well. Depending on the type you select for your space, there are often beautiful colours and configurations to choose from.

Being a natural product, every piece is slightly different, and we recommend you visit our supplier where you can select your desired slab from their large stock collection. They can also source specific types if they do not have it in stock, depending on availability and quantity required.

All of our granite work is performed by Norfolk Company HL Perfitt Ltd. Their highly trained and skilled stonemasons can cut to the finest detail to meet your individual needs and requirements. They carry a huge range of natural granite and marble, and we would encourage you to visit them at their premises in Diss to select your very own individual slab. 

Edge Details

Our local stonemasons, H. L. Perfitt, can cut to any of the following designs:
Slidestone Quartz Worktops
This product is very hard and durable. It can withstand heat and water extremely well and is very consistent in colour. The colour range is very large with many modern, vibrant colours available. It also has the added benefit of being an antibacterial surface.
Wood Worktops
We supply wooden worktops both of our own manufacture and bought in block types. We oil our wooden worktops, but as with all wooden surfaces, you should ensure that you regularly maintain them to keep them looking their best.

They will age around the sink areas quite quickly and you will certainly need to use hotplates and trivets when working in your kitchen. In some applications, wood worktops look absolutely stunning, but they are not as durable as stone and will age quite quickly when used regularly.
Corian & Hi Macs 
We can supply these modern seamless products for your kitchen. They come in a huge range of colours and are all very consistent. They can have moulded sinks and up stands which all appear as one. These products are very good around the sink area, but they do not withstand extreme heat well. You will need to use hotplates and trivets with this product.
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